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Is spiritual opposing to bodily?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The libraries are places, where people don't talk, but also DON'T EAT! One might say this makes them an even better start: according to a recent poll in Belgium, the most annoying thing in an office is when your colleagues noisily cram down sandwiches, slurp noodles, wolf down burgers and so on.

Maybe because I don't work in an office (and I hope I never will!), but I would never go that far to say: let's have more places, where people are not allowed to eat. Are we not a bit arrogant in neglecting our bodies? If we entertain our mind, that is noble, but if we want to please our body, that's sinister. We don't shy away to trumpet any pollution of our brains, but we deem super private the explorations and discoveries of our bodies. If this seems normal, it is only because the Western civilization has systematically worked in the last centuries to ignore the body as if it is not part of our sense-making, to push it down in the mud, to be able to offset the spiritual as superior. Of course nothing wrong with striving to develop our spirits, but why are we supposed to leave our bodies behind?

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