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Drawings and prints

Here you can find some of my work from the last years: series of drawings from my travels and prints which I made using mono-print and lynoblock-print techniques. In the shop on the link below you could purchase prints of some of the watercolors and original prints. You are welcome to contact me, should you have any questions, related to my art. Your feedback is also very welcome, I am looking forward to hearing from you!


The Czech Series

In 2022, I spent three months in the Czech Republic with a Josef Dobrovsky fellowship. I had to travel continuously and these drawings are mostly made during these trips and in Prague.

Lino prints

This technology allows for a number of hand-made copies. I do not use a printing press but do the printing by hand. In some cases I finish the black&white prints with inks by hand.


These works are produced with a silicon plate. In some cases I can develop an idea into several prints, which are though never completely identical. 

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